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Personal Information



Nationality: Italiana

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  • Telephone +39131342252
  • Mobile +393386057952
  • commodities
  • energy
  • maintenance
  • problem solving
  • commissioning
  • operations
  • manager
  • project
  • laws
  • automation
  • six sigma
Work Experiences
12/1998 - 12/2002



Industry: Environment Services Public Owner Company > 100 empl.

Gained technical and staff management experience.
Member of Trade Associations relationships ( II level negotiations - national agreement 1993 ) commission.
Get expertises of purchasing and investments of cluster.
Automatized and differentiated municipal waste picking project by using ecological islands, team member ( >95000 people town ).
Gained expertises in thermal waste treating processes and energy generation plants.
Gained expertises in operations related to cluster, in the market of environmental services, in ISO Certificated Quality Systems and HSE engineering ,EU directives fulfillments ( 2004/35/CE ).

03/03/1998 - Present



Industry: Chemical and pharmaceutical > 1000 empl.

Since 1999 I have led for ten years the electrical technical services and electrical workshop , in scope of the Maintenance Dept., of the most important company site ( Seveso 2 EU Directive site ), supervising 20 staff people, both daily workers and shifters.
The main tasks and responsibilities covered have been:

- Routine and preventive maintenance, monitoring and
verification of plants
- Maintenance Engineering sr. supervisor
- Investments plan setting and projects management
- Staff management ( shifters 24 hours as well )
- Maintenance companies contracted management
- Spare parts and stocks management
- New process, packaging and manufactoring plants
- Maintenance and operation management of electrical assets
of the site, which cabins MT / BT, distribution network,
electrical equipment, emergency power generators, large HV
engines (fleet of 50 HV engines installed), transformers
(P tot .= 29 MW 6 KV, 15 cabins, 5 power generators )
- Maintenance budget setting, respecting

Carried out several commissioning of new large chemical plants as responsible of power and automation sections (TFEM, PFVE, DF Industrial, Iod. Telomers, Hyflon, Compounding, Sifren ) including extensive building steps as well.
Done several automation and electrical projects.

Gained experience and expertise in the technical legal area for machines safety ( 2006/42/CE ), equipments, products conformity, Health – Satety – Enviroment EU direcives fulfilments, relationships with institutions, process audits, quality certification, DB-regulatory directives handling to find informations, experience of technical legal benchmarking
and inquiry ( LER / Laws & Elt. Regulations Department ).
Gained managing engineering projects expertise ( tasks, timing, costs reports, budget, contractors, yard
supervising ), equipments and technical performances purchasing, process plants and packaging plants commissioning,
problems solver, teamwork, mediation oriented, experience in internal and external relationships management.

Gained international, corporate culture and lean manufacturing operational experience, Erp SAP operative expertise.

Since end 2009, I am the Sr. Energy Manager of the most important site of the Group ( see KHC certification degree attached ).
I am responsible of technical , contractual and finance aspects ( energy management, energy efficiency, regulations, purchasing contracts management, metering, pricing, controlling, consumpions forecasting, costs reporting,finance saving, risk management, benchmarking, emission trading ), of the main site utilities contracts ( natural gas, power, steam
30 M€ tot value ).

Moreover in 2009 - 2010 I have followed pricing, costs and energy data management reporting of all Groups ten sites
( 100 M€ tot. values)

I have took care of relationships with institutions in the cluster ( ENEL, ENI, CEI, CESI, ENEA, GME, GSE, Terna, Competent Body, AEEG )and fulfillments as well.

I manage operatively and economically, the high eff. CHP unit contract ( GDF SUEZ - Cofely - Spinetta Marengo ) placed in the most important production site in Italy ( GDF SUEZ – COFELY - 24 MW CHP cycle in Spinetta Marengo ).

Furthermore I gained technical and management experience in the following topics:

-- Power Quality
-- Energy management
-- Energy efficiency
-- Emission Trading ( ETS III )
-- Safety Engineering
-- CHP production units MO
-- Electromagnetic Compatibility
-- Electric Power Grids
-- Thermal plants MO
-- Emergency Power Generation Units
-- Industrial Automation
-- Industrial telecommunications

Experience as Project Manager:
2007 - Site MV electrical grid restructuring and power switches upgrading ( 25 power units - 40 KA – SF6 insulated – committed > 350 K€), contracted companies managing and the commissioning and final test supervising.
Project of switchboards and control of emergency power generator units ( 750 KVA - 350 KVA ) , starting up them as well
2000 - Project of switchboards and control of industrial refrigeration compressors with an HV elect. engine; starting up them as well ( Committed> 200 K € )

2012 - Site Energy Expert team member for integrated photovoltaic generation system project, included in RF National Economic Incentives Plan( 380 KW Power ).

2002 - Command and control project of the site fire water punping system ( MT engine with diesel back up engine and pressure net feedback control ).
Commissioning .

2001- 2003 Efficiencing project of industrial water wells network, by use of electr. Variable Frequency Device, remotely controlled:

- project
- equipments purchaising
- commissioning
- project financing

Experience as Project Owner:

2011 - 2015 Solwatt project: site energy global efficiencing, energy costs saving and Energy System Management project ( see ISO 50001 and TIP details attached ).

20112 - 2015 site new CHP unit project ( Capex assestment,
operating cash flow analisys, permissions, technical project
managing, general MO contracts setting, linked busness risks analisys, safety engineering aspects - 40 M€ tot. value )

2004 - Work requisitions, project, installing and start-up of the HW / SW system for the management of automatic \'notice of emergency’ ( High risk industrial site ) and information management in an emergency time, by using telephone network individual terminals Dect / Gap, GSM phones, radios unit, speakers radio equipments network ( Engineering Safety - OPA WIN system ).
Monitoring of the system and alerting automatically in case of fault by automatic phone call and e-mail,
compling with enforced laws for emergency TLC systems.

2003 - Work requisitions, HW architecture project , installing and commissioning of CCTV security surveillance of the site
( committed> 60 K€)

2003 - Hazardous Area Classsification ( HAC ) of the site compling with ATEX fulfillments; set of actions need in the plants
and set of safety procedures linked with ( EU 1999/92/CE - 94/9/CE ).

2009 - 2010 Six Sigma Quality DMAIC projectwork: Capability evaluation and improving of automatic raw materials store and products packaging line in chemical plastic manufactoring plant ( DMAIC - Black Belt manager)

2009 - 2010 Six Sigma Quality DMAIC projectwork: Capability evaluation and improving of safety/emergency ITC system by industrial high risk site ( EU Seveso directives )

12/1993 - 12/1997



Industry: Food process plants Automation Engineering

Gained experience in electrical and automation projects and maintenance of food process and packaging plants, industrial machines and related plants.
Gained expertises and experience as project manager and commissioning supervisor of industrial CIM plants and machines in Ireland ( 2 years commissioning and production start up supervisor on site ) , USA, Poland new production sites.
I could gain expertises in projecting, building, commissioning handovering and setting of maintenance and technical services departments of new international production sites of the FERRERO Food Group, contributing to its geographical expansion.
Developed and improved expertises in technical purchases and budget management, staff management and teamwork; gained experience in relationships with local contractors.
I improved my teamwork bent, English and leadership.

12/1993 - 12/1997



Industry: Gas, Water, Energy Public Owner Company > 100 empl., > 100000 customers

Gained economical and technical management experience in jobs related to energy, NG networks, water networks, energy commodities investments,CHP unit, energy renewable fonts , NG grid-service unbundling .
Gained experience in due diligence and management of assets value appraisal.
Participation to project management of a CH4 cogeneration machine cycle ( ENP ) and to its project financing ( nat. Law 10/1991 ).
Gained some experience in managers-staff recruiting
Gained some spin off and outsourcing activities experience.

12/1992 - 12/1993



Industry: heavy (metal)

Gained experience in flexible production units automation projects for FIAT, Marelli, in Italy. Gained direct experience of the Machines Safety ( forward the next 98/37/CE Directive ) and application and practicing of machines safety enforced norms . Gained direct experience in high level of automation plants commissioning (CIM ) at customer and in production starting up . Gained expertises in using PLC, NC, electronic drives, automation networks. Gained design expertises of NC technological software ( ISO – C language - Pascal ) for machining metals
Developed and improved experience in technical purchases and budget management, staff management, teamwork and on field work, commissioning and starting up.

12/1989 - 12/1992



Industry: heavy (metal)

Gained mechanical, electrical equipment and automation machinery project experience and in technological SW design ( ISO ) for machining metals

Developed customized applications on turning - milling automatic production unit at national and European customers ( GB, CH, Portugal, France ).
Gained experience in technical customer service and plant-machines commissioning , expertises in robots flexible production units project and commissioning, in technical purchases, technical staff and budget management, teamwork.
Gained direct experience of elt. equipments of industrial machines and related enforced safety laws and IEC - CENELEC norms.

Education and Training
12/1981 - 12/1987




Power Electronic
Digital Electronic
Analog Electronic
Automatic Controls
IT - Algorithms
Electrical Machinery
Numerical Calculation ( MATLAB )

Analitical and inferential statistic SIX SIGMA BLACK BELT
MIP - Master Class Qualification 2010 ( Minitab User Qualif. )
Energy Efficiency spec. qualification ( see attached doc ).

Personal Skills
Mother tongue(s)
Other language(s)
  • English
Personal skills and competences
Sr. Safety Engineering expert ( Plants, Machines 2006/42/CE, Fire Safety Engineering ), EU regulations/laws, industrial high risks ( SEVESO EU Directives ), international rules (

Certified as EEM - Energy Sr. Expert ( see details attached as certification scheme KHC - Annex_28 and KHC
certification ).

Experience in engineering, project management, plant commissioning, energy assets, industrial tlc systems.

Gained ( academic level ) specialist topics tutorial teaching experience:
Electronic, Elettrotecnology,Power Systems, Elt. Machines, Automation, power generation system, Numeric Calculation,Tech.Phisics.

Fond and expert of complex systems analisys, problem solving and troubleshooting.

I can negotiate, lead relashionships and training in English ( not mother tongue people with ) as well.
Communication skills
Gained life, social and teamwork experience servicing in Army as Carabinieri Territorial Operative Unit in Turin suburns ( Carmagnola - Vinovo - Moncalieri ) - 1990
Organisational / managerial skills
Gained some experience as student ( instrumental electronic ) in Hospital Intensive Care Unit - Molinette Turin - 1987
Technical skills and competences
- Effective Member of the Elt. Italian Committee CEI ( Senior specialist Ex - ATEX industrial plant SCJ31 Dir. EU 94/9/CE
– Senior specialist industrial machinery safety TC44 – Dir. EU 98/37/CE – 2006/42/CE )
- ENEA certificated inspector of thermal, gas and
combustion plants mnt.
- Gained experience of energy national market regulation
and National Elt. Energy Stocks Exchange.
- Member of National Engineers Order
- Safety projects and safety Yards Supervisor
qualification ( EU Directive 92/57/CEE )
- Electric Plants Safety inspector qualification
- Fire Safety Prevention sr. expert governative
qualification ( Nr. 1559 I 00294 )
- Energy Efficienty Six Sigma Black Belt Master
qualification ( MIP - Milan 2010 )
- Energy Management EU Sr. Expert ( ENEA - 2010 )
- Energy UNI EN 50001 systems qualification ( 2011 )
- Machines Safety ( 2006/42/CE ) sr. expert qualification ( INAIL - 2011 )

see all attached documents
Computer skills and competences
Good knowledge of MS-Office tools: WORD, EXEL, POWER POINT; ACROBAT PROF. ACCESS, OUTLOOK NERO, INTERNET EXPLORER, gained good experience in SAP / ERP PF1 , knowledge of C+ , VB, PASCAL;
Knowledge and experience of PLC programming, PLC profibus network, Numerical Control ISO progr. language, and numerical calculation algorithms
Web streaming TV sr. expert
Artistic skills and competences
quite fond and expert of Painting, Sculpture and Art History.
expert of digital and multimedia video - photograp:
event, industrial, technical, art studio
Driving licence
National B license - 1981 to present
Lecturer at General Conference AEI 2001 with “ MV cables test by PD off line system “ ( see attached file )

Writer of “ Chemical Industrial Site Hazardous Area Classification algorithm “ on Delfino Elect. Editorial Magazine – Milan - 2000
Additional information

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I am a person who attaches great importance to job, professional skills and competitiveness, so I always take care of professional updating.

I believe that dynamism, global think, innovation and teamwork bending, should be part of a modern professional baggage as well.

I never stop to get better on my career because I like this way of living.

So I am strongly interested and motivated to stay in working contexts adapted to my aspiration of professional growth and to the skills and experience which I think to be in possession of.

Therefore I submit my CVS in order to explore the possibility of a mutual interest for
a collaboration.



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